Fidget Spinners - Mindlessness With A Purpose

Stress Toys to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening.


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Do you find yourself frustrated sitting in class, in a meeting, doing homework, or stuck in your seat for long ride aching for something to do? Are you a chronic leg shaker, pen clicker, nail biter, or like me, a finger drummer? Then a fidget spinner may just be what you need to work out that stress and frustration! Fidget Spinners provide a great outlet for all of your nervous energy without making a sound so they're perfect for school, work, coffee shops, anywhere you don't want to be disruptive.

Experts believe that doing something that uses a sense other than what's needed for your primary task can make it easier to focus and improve performance. Studies have shown that Fidgets also provide self regulation and provide a calming influence especially in children and adults with autism and ADHD. So if you're always being told "Stop that noise!" or "Can't you sit still!" a Fidget Spinner may literally be just what the doctor ordered!

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